Build simple overlays using the Divi Builder.
Open them on click or automatically after a timed delay.


  • Compatible with Divi Builder
  • Two trigger modes: click or automatic with timed delay
  • Three transitions: slide, fade or instant
  • Customize background overlay color and close button appearance
  • Light or dark loader
  • One-time popups using cookies
  • Multiple overlays per page
  • Animations within overlays triggered when overlay is shown

Popup Demos

Demo Popup 1

Show a simple contact form in your popup.

Demo Popup 2

Create a simple onboarding popup for your site.

Demo Popup 3

Display a promotion inside your popup.

Demo Popup 4

Display announcements in your popup.

Demo Popup 5

Reveal additional information in your popup.

Demo Popup 6

Show a notice in the bottom-right of the screen.

So easy.

Use one of the premade popups as a starting point or easily create a popup from scratch.


Where can I download the sample SOS Overlays?

You’ll find the sample SOS Overlays here:

Upload the SOS_Layouts.json file to your Divi Library to import all sample layouts from our SOS demo page.

Can a button or link close my overlay?

Yes! Just enter “#divi-sos-close” for the link URL. Piece of cake.

Will new features be added to SOS?

We’ll be monitoring feedback of SOS and will introduce new features based on demand. If there’s a feature you’d like to see added to SOS, be sure to check out our Community Forum and request the feature(s) you’d like to see!

Why are styles being shared between different SOS Layouts?

If you’re having issues with styles being replicated across multiple layouts, try enabling the “Output Styles Inline” option in Divi. To do this, go to Divi > Theme Options in your dashboard. This option is located under the Builder tab in the Advanced sub-section. Our recommended options look like this:

If you’re still noticing issues, please Contact Support and we’ll help you get things sorted out!



Is SOS compatible with the Divi Visual Builder?

Absolutely! Use the Divi Visual Builder to build your overlays, just like you’re used to. Save the layout to the Divi Library and configure as needed.

Is SOS GDPR Compliant? cannot guarantee GDPR compliance for how each customer chooses to use it’s products. That said, SOS does not collect any personal data or communicate with outside sources. When/if the SOS cookie feature is activated, it simply places a cookie in the user’s browser to prevent repeated SOS instances from appearing. If you use SOS as an email opt-in or cookie consent feature, you’ll want to do your own research to ensure your site is GDPR compliant.

Why does my overlay give a 404 error on the Visual Builder mode?

You may need to re-save your Permalinks! Go to Settings > Permalinks in the WordPress dashboard and just click the blue “Save Changes” button. You don’t need to actually adjust your Permalink structure.

What is the "Divi SOS Layout Loader" page that this plugin creates?

This is a blank page that is necessary for the SOS overlays to display properly. Please do not edit or delete this page. If you do, simply deactivate and reactivate the Divi SOS plugin and it will be automatically created again.

Incredible Support

Customers rave about Superfly’s support. If you have any troubles with SOS, our support team has your back.